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The questions

The central questions we help answer are:

  • What is the digital opportunity space across my industry
    – and what should be our ideal response?
  • Where is value created in the ecosystem and what is the
    path to value creation?
  • What do we currently own/control with regards to customer,
    platform and data?
  • How does our existing business model compare to the
    opportunities we see today?
  • How should our business be reconfigured, and what
    capabilities are required for differentiation?

Working with us

Our engagement model is collaborative by nature and we work in concert with you and your team to evaluate your digital opportunity space and identify the sources of value creation in your industry ecosystem.

We help you generate the needed disruptive insights and understand the impact and potential of emerging technological breakthroughs. We benchmark your digital performance and health against competition – current and future – and form the baseline for making informed choices on:

  • Where to invest – and when
  • What to build and launch
  • How to (re)configure your organization

Winning digital is a moving target often requiring client organizations to test and scale a series of new ideas and concepts to evaluate their true commercial and / or business model in a beta-environment. We support you all the way – whether its digitalizing core processes, launching new digital services or building digital businesses outside the company.