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Ulf Valentin

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20 November


M:+45 22 99 97 84


We talked with Ulf about his interest in the integration of strategy formulation and implementation, and how Monitor Deloitte is bringing this mindset to life.

  • What differentiates Monitor Deloitte from the standpoint of a recent graduate and young consultant? “The theoretical foundation I have built during business school is often based on academia drawing conclusions on the real life practices in the industry. The academic world is per definition lagging behind the real world when it comes to understanding and developing concepts to ex-plain strategic behaviors. At Monitor Deloitte, we employ a contemporary deep theoretical understanding to solve the most business critical issues for our clients. The vast capabilities of the Deloitte network ensure that we are able to assist the clients on their journey from understanding the complexities of the world to formulating and executing high impact strategies.
    In a world where the digital agenda is becoming increasingly important, buzzwords like disruption and innovation are no longer mere fancy words. When projections move from linear to exponential, companies must organize themselves to be agile enough to seize the opportunities that arise. Innovative business models and technological movement is spurring competition from unconventional industries. In such an environment, it can bring enormous value to have a partner who deals with these issues on a daily basis, and who has the expertise and resources to complement the clients’ operations.”
  • Why is the integration of strategy formulation and implementation important? “A good strategy poorly implemented can result in a less than optimal impact. I believe that a good strategy must anticipate the implementation process and incorporate these issues in the strategic recommendations in order to deliver the best impact. Monitor Deloitte does not only offer a generic solution with a do-it-yourself label attached. Monitor Deloitte engages with the clients and the global Deloitte network in order to match the needs of the clients to the expertise found in the Deloitte network?”
  • Where and how did you last make an impact by integrating strategy formulation and imple-mentation? “Recently, I have been involved in a large-scale organizational restructuring and implementation of a new customer engagement model of an oil company. It was pivotal for the success of the project, that we, as the advisor, worked closely with the client when formulating the most appropriate strategy best suited to our combined resources and capabilities to implement it.”