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Stefan Høngaard

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20 November


M: +45 22 83 28 23


We had a chat with Stefan about one of his favorite topics in the world of strategy consulting: scenario planning.

  • So, what are your thoughts on all the buzz around scenario planning? “Think about it…companies often build their strategic plans relying on deterministic visions for the future. This is, for example, seen by using simple forecasting models in predicting how the future unfolds. But it can be difficult to know how the future unfolds in 5, 10, or even 15 years from today. In other words, we live in a world that is changing rapidly that demands flexibility! Consequently, by combining facts and related social changes, we shape different scenarios for how the future may evolve. This helps decision makers to anticipate hidden weaknesses and inflexibilities in their organizations by catalyzing better strategic choices.”
  • What are some of the central questions your clients are struggling with? “Some of the questions we hear from our clients are: Who are our customers in 10 years? What will these customers demand? How do we differentiate ourselves in this future market? This gives an idea that our clients are struggling in answering how to position themselves in their industry building a sustainable competitive advantage as well as superior financial return.”
  • If you were to highlight a few cases where we really made a difference in this space, what would they be? “We are very excited to assist a large international corporation in building a value proposition design for their entire business, leveraging on the ideas in scenario planning. Here, we are asking the fundamental questions: What do we sell? to whom? and with what compelling arguments? As scenario planning gives a broader perspective on the future, this catalyzes better, more robust strategic choices – preparing our clients for future adverse conditions.”