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Sigrun Aker Nordeng

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20 November


M: +47 99 64 74 61


We met with Sigrun for a talk about a growing mobility challenge in the Oslo area.

  • So, what is currently happening in Oslo? “In the last year, I have taken part in two projects concerning how we should deal with the mobility challenge of the growing population in Oslo. Within the next fifteen years, the population in the wider Oslo area is estimated to increase with approximately 20 percent. Already, the traffic jams are growing, the trams are packed in the morning and the pollution is affecting the health of the citizens. Meanwhile – with population growth set to continue – the government is aiming for zero growth in private car use by 2030. And in the city center, cars are set to be banned all together.”
  • Why do you think this is an important issue? “This is a major challenge: “How to change people’s mobility patterns so substantially? How to change the way people run their everyday life?” To answer those questions, you have to understand the nature of their needs – what is affecting their choices, what makes them act, how their needs differ, what is their willingness to pay for different services etc. Identifying solutions requires competencies in a range of different disciplines such as customer segmentation, behavioral economics, price sensitivity analysis and scenario planning.”
  • What is your approach to helping clients on this topic? “During the past year, we have worked together with clients that typically focus on how they can offer the best possible public transport service. Through extensive customer analysis, we help them to understand their customers better. We challenge them to think about customer needs first, and then help them design their services based on this insight – not the other way around. Part of the process has been to see how new technologies can help clients fulfill their goal. For instance how smart digital platforms can be used to increase the sense of customer intimacy and ultimately change customer behavior.”