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Sanna Linder

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20 November


M: +46 (75) 246 25 14


We talked to Sanna Linder about her view on omni-channel retailing and e-com trends.

  • What is omni-channel retailing and why is it important? “Consumers today expect a more personal shopping experience, tailored to their specific needs. They demand that their desired product is available in the right size and colour and they do not want to wait for it to be delivered. Retailers need to meet this demand and this is where omni-channel is so important. Omni-channel retailing means that a retailer is present for the consumer to shop anywhere, at any time, and from any location. This puts pressure on the retailers to be available and connected in several channels.”
  • What are clients struggling with in that area – or what should they be asking themselves? “Retailers need to review their omni-channel strategy and redefine their business models to stay ahead. A single channel is no longer enough and the challenge is to find a seamless solution for both the customer experience and internal processes. Online have for several years been treated as a separate channel but I see now that more and more retailers understand the value of connecting their physical sales channels and online. What they are struggling with today is how to make this connection in the best way for their specific market and how to change their organizations to make the fit. There are also several question marks on how to meet the demand of more personalized offerings towards today’s more fastidious and demanding consumers.”
  • How are we supporting our clients? “This is an area we know well and we have supported clients in both supply chain oriented areas such as evaluating e-commerce distribution centers to helping clients defining their online strategy. For example, I have been leading a project for a Nordic retailer during their journey of going online. My team and I identified synergies between online and their already existing stores where we among other things conducted a cluster analysis to understand the impact of click-and-collect and how to roll out such a concept. We also analyzed revenue potential in returns management as well as supported the client in deciding what assortment to bring online. It is important for retailers to have a defined strategy on how to connect physical stores with online channels, and this is where we best can support. If you are interested in this area I also recommend you to read a Point of View on omni-channel retailing that we wrote in 2015 “