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Salli Hukkinen

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20 November


M: +358207555490

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We talked with Salli about digitalization and its impact on the service industry.

  • You have been working with digitalization in service industries – what is going on there?“Not just routine services but more and more complex tasks are automated using robotics, internet of things, and artificial intelligence. At the same time we see platform based business models redefine business logics in services industries. It’s clear that how work is done and where value is created will change. For customers digitalization brings better, faster, and more accessible services. For companies digital implies they will compete in the global marketplace where customers expect new value in digital channels.”
  • What should clients be asking themselves? “I would advise clients to ask themselves, will my business model be sustainable in the digital world. Value will increasingly be created based on data – think about your opportunities to produce and use data to create value. Also figure out ways to leverage your existing customer base in an open platform business model. In a platform economy, one winning platform can create the most value simply because everyone uses it. Thus there is huge value in owning and keeping your customer relationships.”
  • Where and how did you last make an impact in the field? “I’ve worked with a client to create a vision of the digitalization in selected service industries, defining how digital changes value chains and business models and what capabilities service industries need in the future. Service businesses are becoming technology companies that compete for the best software engineers and data scientists. Traditional jobs like mechanic, driver, or customer service agent become less relevant. For our client it was hugely important to understand what kind of talent transition is ahead of them.”