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Pernilla Lööb

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20 November


M: +46 (75) 246 23 39


We talked to Pernilla about her passion – going for growth either through acquisitions or organically.

  • So, what are your thoughts on all the buzz around growth in a currently changing environment? “As I reflect on our work with companies in different industries over the years, the specific problem causing clients to call us in faced the challenge of growing in an age of great complexity. The world and consumer demands is changing at an ever-increasing pace and the central question is centred around answering how companies can grow at the same time as creating value for its shareholders. The way I see it, the company’s starting position suggests the most likely paths to grow, however, the true value creating growth require a mix of core versus new investments in addition to supporting capabilities and a committed leadership.”
  • With these trends in mind, how would you advice companies to play in the future? “To meet the challenges of growth in a complex environment, the key principle to consider in positioning a business to be ahead of the competition, is to limit the number of growth strategies as too many opportunities kills the opportunity. The focus of strategy will change, as it will be less about establishing and then defending a position within an industry, and more about investing in options that allow a company to change course or to pursue unanticipated opportunities as they emerge.”
  • You have been working with several clients in shaping their future strategy. What is the most fascinating part of the process? “Our work of helping chief executives and their leadership teams build successful businesses and make critical choices I find very exciting. The most fascinating part of the process is the co-creation of generating new ideas to broaden opportunities, exploring and prioritizing options as well as focusing investments.
    The last cases has resulted in successful acquisitions and which creates a lot of positive energy in the Monitor Deloitte team.”