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Ole Højlund Olesen

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20 November


M: +45 30 93 48 54


We talked to Ole about his passion for finding new ways of delivering public services.

  • Why have you devoted yourself to helping public clients? “The usual way of addressing the challenges of the public sector is to try to do the same with less. I believe, that’s a losing game and we have to be bolder than that. We need to rethink the services – what we offer, and how are we offering it – and that’s what excites me.”
  • What occupy the minds of the clients right now? “It’s all about change and how to adapt. There’s a lot going on: we see new ways of engaging with the citizen, higher expectations of the services, an aging society, fiscal imbalances and profound political changes. And the clients rightly try to be forward-looking and find their way through all of this.”
  • What sets you apart as a management consultant? “I truly want to understand the client and the challenges the client is facing. Not just the high-level agenda, but also the things that makes it hard to change. And I hope that shows in my work.”