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Martin Nyrop

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20 November


M: +45 30 93 52 54


We spoke with Martin about how clients can benefit from a strategic sales force transformation.

  • Why is strategic sales force transformation close to your heart? “Sales and marketing form the heartbeat of companies. Every component of the business, from product development to customer service, is vital in order to be competitive. But, converting deep understanding of client needs and desires into relevance in value proposition and how the sales and marketing (and in fact the entire chain of client facing units) are engaging the client is where companies can find huge revenue gains. Often, the focus of how to sell to, and engage with, clients leads to deeper structural transformation of the compa-nies. So, sales force transformation can also be the vehicle to regaining com-petitiveness in the longer term.”
  • What are the central questions our clients struggle with? “We answer a lot of classical questions. What segments will drive our revenue and profits looking 3 to 5 years ahead? How do we ensure that the client experi-ence is delivered consistently across sales touch-points, from physical stores to online and personal interaction? How do we organize and execute these goals? Cutting across the classical questions, two issues are fundamental and have strategic impact. First, the digital agenda is a strong disruptor often leading to an entire overhaul of the business by transforming a classical wholesaler into a retailer or e-tailer. Second, companies must handle and take advantage of globalization. How do we design and deliver global sales and marketing pro-cesses? How do we balance local agility and customer understanding with the need for having a lean and efficient sales engine using scale such as centers of excellence, standardized IT enabled processes and so forth? Basically, the key question we tackle is: how do we create a “digitally enabled global sales force”? That’s the nerdy way of phrasing on the big questions most of my clients face today.”
  • Where and how did you last make an impact to help our clients? “The last project I did was for a B2B market leader with a European-based sales and marketing force. Working with them over four months, we created an entirely new sales operating model consisting of new segmentation of cur-rent and future clients, with corresponding sales and service concepts and or-ganizational design. The effect will be increased revenue and profit margins in each segment.”