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Marthe Marie Tangen

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20 November


M: +45 28 70 89 40


We talk with Marthe about digitalization and the challenges companies are struggling with in an increasingly digitalized world.

  • What do you find interesting about digitalization of the retail industry? “The digitalization area has given consumers access to an increasing amount of information, and reshaped their behavior and expectations. They expect more value in digital channels and reward companies that deliver outstanding experiences. This is forcing established players to change their business models and re-think their marketing strategy to fit the digital economy with the end consumer at the center.”
  • What challenges do you see companies struggle with? “From a company perspective digitalization requires a deeper understanding of the end consumer in order to create a seamless omni-channel experience, regardless of channel or device. Many companies are still struggling with this and are not able to create the experience that consumers really want. They need to acquire new skills to handle the complex technology integration and break down, analyze and act on a large pile of consumer data, while at the same time facing accelerating competition from the digitally born.”
  • Tell us of a recent project you worked on within this field? “Within the FMCG industry, I recently evaluated a company’s ecommerce business through cross-channel comparisons, deciphered consumers’ online behavior, and evaluated the implication for their online marketing and promotion activity. They analyses provided the company with some key insight on how they could improve their ecommerce business.”