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Marc Solberg

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20 November



M: +46 (75) 246 23 07


We talked to Marc about his view on Customer Information Management and why he thinks it should be a prioritised topic on the company agenda.

  • So, first of all, what is Customer Information Management and why is it important? “Customer Information Management (CIM) refers to the way in which companies manage customer information in a legal, secure and efficient way to unlock the maximum value potential of that information. Now more than ever, a sound approach to customer information can be a key competitive advantage by helping companies become more relevant to their customers. However, the digital society has made customers more aware of their personal data and raised expectations on how companies handle their personal information. Moreover, the new EU directive that will apply from 25 May 2018 aims to give citizens back a degree of control over their personal data, which means that companies must manage this data in the right way. Therefore, a strategy around Customer Information Management will not only help a company become legally compliant, but also strengthen the brand and help them be more successful.”
  • What are – in your opinion – some of the challenges faced by companies when it comes to Customer Information Management? “Challenges faced by companies are mostly related to processes and governance within the organisation. What is commonly forgotten is that it is not only the executives that need to consider Customer Information Management, but everyone within the organisation must know why it is important. Having documented and implemented processes and ways of working in place on all levels will help the company stay compliant as well as minimize the risk of information breaches that ultimately will damage the brand name.”
  • If you were to highlight one case where we really made an impact that mattered in this area, what would that be? “In a previous project, we helped a leading global retailer formulate and implement their Customer Information Management strategy in all of their operating countries. This extensive project meant that we helped our client develop a complete rollout plan including a clear roadmap, CIM governance structure, training, processes and tools in order to successfully change how people within the organisation manage customer information in their daily work.”