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Mads Stolberg-Larsen

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20 November


M: +45 30 93 65 78


We talked with Mads about the tough choices in consulting

  • Why is it so important to make hard choices? “Because it is impossible to win everywhere. You have to carefully choose which markets you want to play in and then dominate these. This is because being market leader in any given market is a lot more profitable than being a small player in a lot of markets in a world where network effects play an increasing role”
  • How do you help companies make these hard choices? “Monitor as a consultancy helps through its well-tested methodologies. In that process, I contribute with solid analysis that helps discern correlation from causality”
  • Can you highlight any interesting cases, where hard choices were made? “As part of my last project we suggested that our client chose a ‘buy and build’ strategy to grow their market share in a market where they had a small presence. If they chose to do so, they had to make a choice between 1) buying a candidate offering more or less similar services or 2) buying a candidate offering different, more specialized services. In other words they were faced with the hard choice of opting for scale effects with current offerings or increasing the number of services that they provide in the marketplace. It was really interesting to be part of the process where you help identify and crystalize these choices for clients”