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Louise In Birk Delfs

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20 November


M: +45 30 93 50 25


We talked to Louise about her interest in M&A strategy and what she believes are some of the key questions clients need to think about in the years to come.

  • M&A strategy is one of your points of interest – why is that? “While innovation is the most talked about buzzword these days as traditional business models are under pressure due to new disruptive entrants and innovators, companies can still improve their competitive positioning by effectively leveraging M&A and inorganic growth. Although the innovative trend has redefined the M&A marketplace, strategic acquisitions and divestments are still a key growth driver to enhance (shareholder) value. Just think how digital disruption forces the financial services industry to invest in new digital capabilities, either in-house, if possible, or through acquisitions to keep up with trends such as internet of things, peer-to-peer solutions, and the sharing economy.”
  • What are some the central questions your clients are struggling with? “Currently, we are assisting a number of FSI clients with redefining their future business models, including outlining of non-core business areas. The pressure from disruptive innovation drives companies to focus on their core capabilities and underlines the importance of strategic divestments of non-core operations. For some companies divestments are a controversial and sensitive subject, but the intensified competition from disruptors calls for drastic measures.”
  • Tell us about some of your recent assigments where you made an impact that really mattered in this area “I recently had the opportunity to work with a large Nordic retail bank, helping them to assess one of their non-core business areas by preparing carve out financial information and analysis. The project was part of the client’s strategic transformation with the objective to dispose of non-core businesses in order to refocus on their core capabilities to build a sustainable platform for growth.”