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Konstanse Martine Kjøle

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20 November


M: +47 95 10 68 57


We talked with Konstanse about the reasons companies are reinventing their organizational designs.

  • Can you help us understand why this topic is important? “Organizational redesign is fueled by the need to innovate and to be able to serve customers in better and smarter ways. Adapting products and services, alongside adhering to consumer needs, forces organizations to review and rethink their existing design. In the continuously changing business environment, companies constantly strive to keep up with the recent advances and digital disruptions. Companies need structures that support and drive their business strategies, whilst allowing for agility and dynamism. The pace of change will only continue to accelerate, and organizations need to address the contours of the evolving landscape in order to remain viable.”
  • Clients are struggling in this area, what are the actual challenges they are facing? “Many of our clients are challenged with reshaping themselves in order to make optimal long-term impact and adhere to the shifting competitive landscape. To simply remain a player at the level that companies are today requires readily adaption to changes, innovation in services and business models, as well as strengthening of the company brand position and their client relationships, at a very different pace than previously. Central questions that often arise include: 1) Does the redesign cater to our strategy for the next 5 – 10 years? 2) Are constraints that may hamper the implementation of our organizational structure taken into account? 3) Will the new design add organizational value for the corporate parent?”
  • As a consultant, how did you last make an impact in this field? “In the previous year, we have been working with numerous companies who have required transformation of their organizational designs. One of our clients, a global technology company, recently went through the process of elevating four successful national practices into one superior Nordic firm, in order to win significant market share by leveraging their breadth and depth. Their transformational process was based on becoming the acknowledged leader within the range of client services offered, along with building a sustainable company for the next generation to come. We assisted the client with a design that catered for local entrepreneurship and flexibility, whilst at the same time delivering exceptional products and services. Being part of this complex journey and securing the company’s legacy was a great privilege”