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Kennet Hammerby

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20 November


M: +45 42 14 56 56


We talked to Kennet about his favourite topic, Innovation, and how this is now one of the most used buzz words in the corporate world.

  • So, what’s all the fuss about? “Well, go back just a couple of years, and the focus for our clients was simplification and cost-out programs. Now, everybody is talking about disruptions, new business model innovation and how to become more agile. Unfortunately, the majority of Nordic companies find it extremely difficult to maneuver in this new territory, and to define how to get started. When most companies think about innovation, they instantly think of product innovation. But breakthrough innovations require more than just new products, and a whole new mindset.”
  • What are some of the central questions your clients ask? “Right now, we are supporting a number of clients on making clear choices with regard to what type of business they will be tomorrow – and if they can transform themselves, or if they need new capabilities and/or ideas from outside their own organization. For a number of our clients, it makes sense to embark on their innovation journey themselves – prototyping and commercializing new ideas fast and/or setting up new organizational units focusing on new revenue streams. For others, more drastic measures are needed in terms of reaching out to the outside while cooperating with knowledge experts, start-ups and/or academia in some sort of collaborative innovation set-up.”
  • If you were to highlight a few cases where we really made a difference in this space, what would they be? “We have had the fortunate opportunity to work with a number of exciting customers in the innovation space. Most recently, we worked closely with the commercial launch team iQOS at Philip Morris, helping them to design their Global Launch Architecture – and how to think differently about taking a heated tobacco to the market.”