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Josefine Jørgensen

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20 November


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We talked with Josefine about her passion for the transformational nature of Monitor Deloitte’s work.

  • What differentiates Monitor Deloitte from the standpoint of a recent graduate and young consultant? “During business school, I was fed wonderful and inspiring theories, which had a strong foundation in academia. However, in real life, their merit and applicability are sometimes questionable. Monitor Deloitte has been able to create a space in the consulting world, where theory meets practice in a unique manner, which has proven extremely valuable to clients. I find this space very powerful and motivating to work in as I can use my acquired skills on an everyday basis.”
  • As a fairly young consultant, what topics do you find interesting? “The world around us evolves continuously and for most of us “young” people, this is simply natural. We were brought up in this ever-changing world and have hence learned to expect disruption and innovation. Being able to help companies make decisions around these topics is something I find extremely interesting and not least inspiring, as I cannot imagine a world where change is not on top of the corporate agenda.”
  • What does your dream project look like? “My dream project is primarily defined by being impactful. I believe in helping companies make critical and tough choices as opposed to dictating predefined solutions. Hence, working closely with top management or other forums with the mandate to make decisions is key to making an impactful difference. Working in this space and consequently seeing my work being “brought to life”, motivates me to work hard on a project and is very rewarding in the long run.”