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Jon Olsen

Jon Olsen

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20 November


M: +47 95 26 87 38

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We talked to Jon about his great passion, helping clients redefine strategy in a digital world where disruptions is becoming the new norm

  • So, how is digital changing the business landscape? “Digital has, and digital will change the way we operate. You can say that Digital has gone from omni-channel focus a few years ago to omni-presence. It is changing how we interact not only human-to-human but also human-to-computer.
    We see consumers adapt to new products and services faster than ever before, shortening lifecycles and driving a set of new demands. Customer behavior is no longer linear. Five years ago, we said digital would make the individual relevant again.
    Today we are all connected. We can easily tap into the knowledge in our different networks. The result is an increasingly more collaborative decision making process, driven by an increased technical connectivity through smart, portable and highly usable devices, enabling real-time analysis, price comparisons and product / service transparency.
    Companies are gaining more detailed information about individuals, enabling more compelling customer engagement through marketing and product / service offerings that are linked to past patterns of behavior.”
  • What are some of the questions organizations are struggling with when it comes to transforming their organizations? “It would be easy to talk about old legacy IT-systems but with constantly more data power, skilled system architects and system integrator many of that pain points can reduced developing smart API’s. It might not be perfect, and it will need to modernization with time, but it works.The real issue is leadership. As a leader, you need to help your people onboard. Understand why digital matters. Understand why digital changes everything. Your customers, your suppliers, your partners, your competitors and your people. The pure strength in having your people understand and work towards a new directionAs strategy consultants, we can ask the right questions, we can facilitate the necessary discussions and help defining a defining a direction; but it is the power and commitment to execute the strategy is coherent with how well organizations onboard their people on the journey.”
  • Has your work made an impact for your clients? “I hope so (laughs). Well, let me explain, As I mentioned earlier, I think we as consultants contribute, guide, manage and support but, the change makers are the client teams making strategies work through great implementation.As an example, I managed a program for a client in the media sector. The client was facing a circulation decline in most of its newspapers. We helped the client to develop a direction and we helped him with program governance and supported various digital initiatives.The real transformation was to change their own mindsets, the mindset of the editors and journalists in the different newsroom done to a large part by the organization itself. Do not get me wrong; we supported them as best as we could as external consultants but making the change and sustaining it? They talent of the organizations own resources was and often is the real heroes in transformation”