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Jens Rommer

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20 November


M: +45 30 93 50 26


We talked to Jens about his fascination about how technology can transform the way we look at business strategy and how it shapes into a new form – Digital strategy.

  • Why is Digital Strategy close to your heart? “Digital can be a rethink of your business – even a new paradigm for your business. It is no longer easy to differentiate between who is the business and who are the customers. Ideas may eventually become profitable by rethinking who is the business and who is the customer. Digital is a change of paradigms, which I find exceptionally interesting to take part in.”
  • What are – in your opinion – some of the central issues your clients are facing right now? “My clients – who are established businesses – struggle with compartmentalizing what digital means. Is it digital processes, new sales channels, entirely new business models, or the end of their industry? How do you balance your investments strategically, when you do not know what you can achieve, or what you should fear? Do you stay competitive by using digital opportunities to incrementally cut cost and add a bit of new flavor to your products and services – or do you bet on innovation that breaks you current ecosystem? How do you plan, organize and execute.”
  • Where and how did you last make an impact to help our clients? “I have recently discussed with Private Equity and large corporations how to pursue opportunities within Digital. With some PE clients I helped re-focus the value-lenses that they put on the target companies. At larger corporations, I have designed effective strategies and operating models that allow them to steer their efforts within Digital – balancing incremental and transformative efforts to optimize the current business, while allowing for sufficient agility to reinvent their business and ecosystems”