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Jenni Männistö

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20 November


M: +358207555612

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We talked with Jenni about the future outlook on the business environment and how it challenges the firm.

  • What is currently changing in your clients’ business environment? What kind of challenges they are facing? “At the moment one of the most demanding challenges for my clients is to adapt in rapidly changing business environments. The general economic situation has been rather difficult for several years. Quite a few strong megatrends are shaping the business environment; digitalization is changing business models and value chains, globalization changing competitive landscape and tightening competition in several markets. When we go forward the world will be older, more crowded and more urban. These changes are really making companies thoughtful and attentive for a reason.”
  • That’s for sure. What are your clients especially struggling with? “They’re struggling with growth. They’re struggling with where to find the most interesting and valuable growth paths in the future while your business environment is aggressively changing.”
  • What should your clients be asking themselves? “When you’re observant about these changes in your business environment you have better ability to understand the implications and plan and time your reactions. You should understand what kind of challenges and opportunities the predicted and current changes are causing in your portfolio of growth initiatives. You should anticipate. A clear aspiration is a starting point for understanding how far your current plans are sufficient to realize your ambition, and at which point you’ll need something else. Where can we find new growth opportunities in shorter and longer term? How we will win? What are our must-win-battles? Do we have the right capabilities in order to implement the desired initiatives? These are some of the most critical questions you should continuously ask from yourself.”