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Henry Piaskowski

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20 November


M: +45 42 44 92 00


We talked to Henry about his belief that M&A activity is bringing the business world closer together while helping shape the future of different industries.

  • So, what are your thoughts on M&A activity and how it helps connect businesses? “The beauty of M&A is that it given companies the opportunity to expand into industries previous untouched by them. The result of this is an ever-shrinking world where industries overlap, and big-picture thinking becomes even more important. I get excited by the thought of industry silos being ‘torn down’ in favour of a more interconnected and unified business environment.”
  • What are some of the central questions your clients are struggling with? “In general, M&A clients are concerned with two issues: one micro and one macro. On a micro level, purchasing companies want to be confident that their investment will be lead to business development in the future. This can generally be through revenue after resale or the acquisition of new products and intellectual property. On a macro (and more fun) level, companies that acquire others want to know how their purchase will play out down the road. We try to help them understand how current trends will lead to a new future. That combination of micro level concern, along with big-picture future thinking, is fascinating to me.”
  • If you were to highlight a few cases where we really made a difference in this space, what would they be? “In just the past few months, Monitor Deloitte has worked with several companies of various sizes and locations on different M&A projects. All of these have been in industries currently undergoing struc-tural changes that will have a large impact in a few years. It is really exciting to be part of that transformation process.”