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Conny Ternstrand

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20 November


M: +46 (75) 246 33 11


We talked to Conny about his biggest interest – Digitalization – and what he believes are some of the central questions clients need to think about in the years to come.

  • So, what are your thoughts on all the buzz around Digitalization? “I think digitalisation constitutes the biggest change for human brainpower we have seen in decades, comparable to what the steam engine did for human muscle power. And everything is happening in an unprecedentedly rapid pace too; new technologies, new economies, new jobs, lower barriers to entry etcetera. All this makes it challenging to keep up. And digital disruptions are affecting so many of us in different shapes or forms; where we work, where we live, healthcare, schools, young and old and on a global scale. This is extremely exciting to say the least.”
  • What are some of the central questions your clients are struggling with? “We have worked a lot with traditional Retailers who are struggling with going online. If their customers don’t live in one channel, then neither can they. In those interactions we are discussing e.g. what to sell on-line, how to design their service offering, how to set up payment services, whether to use a 3PL or their own warehouse as a fulfilment centre and more. But at the moment we are assisting Stockholm City in becoming a Smart City. Here we are discussing questions such as: what benefits does digitalization bring to employees, citizens, tourists, trade and industries? And what are the barriers to digitalization? In other words; how do we accelerate digitalization in Stockholm and what effects will come out of this? In doing this, what capabilities are required? What culture around digitalization must we create? What financing is required? Every situation is unique and the broad umbrella term of digitalization leads to many different questions for different organisations.”
  • If you were to highlight a few cases where we really made a difference in this space, what would they be? “Internationally we are supporting both retailers in their omni-channel endeavours and cities in becoming Smart Cities. The same goes for Sweden. We recently assisted Sweden’s third largest Retailer in going on-line. Deloitte made a huge impact in guiding them in all abovementioned considerations and to later see their merchandize being available on-line is a great satisfaction. We are currently also assisting an insurance company in transforming their customer service. This require new ways of thinking and when we were able to combine left brain thinking (technology and solutions) with right brain thinking (creativity and voice of the customer), we were able to help them think differently and create ground breaking changes in a most traditional industry. The project I mentioned earlier, digitalizing Stockholm City, is also a case where we bring our global thinking to our client and are able to make an impact on their thinking and digital strategy.”