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Cathrine Søgaard Hansen

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20 November


M: +45 28 44 29 07


We talked with Cathrine about a life in consulting and her motivation.

  • What kind of projects are the most interesting from your point of view? “I find that strategic cost reduction projects in the public sector are hugely engaging and interesting – preferably in the healthcare sector. This is because I find it very important to make sure that the public sector is up to date and follows the relevant trends and thereby make sure that the taxpayers’ money is spent in the most effective and wise way. I find the healthcare sector interesting because of the complex challenges and concerns that the sector is facing and because cases in the healthcare sector have conflicting interests that have to be taken into account when approaching an issue. Performing these types of projects also means that I am constantly obtaining knowledge about the important public institutions surrounding me in my everyday life. This is most definitely an important part of the job.”
  • What motivates you in the job? “I am motivated by many things in my job as a consultant in Monitor Deloitte. Firstly, I am highly motivated by the extremely open-minded, kind and inspirational people I work with on a daily basis. We really do have the best team! Secondly, I am motivated by the complex cases that I am being exposed to at the client side and the huge amount of knowledge I obtain from every new project I am part of. Finally – and maybe most importantly – I am highly motivated by the fact that as a consultant in Monitor Deloitte, I get to be a small part of a huge and important agenda in improving the Danish public sector.”