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Caroline Engel Møller

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20 November


M: +45 42 14 56 01


We had a talk with Caroline about her interest in International Expansion and what her dream project looks like.

  • Why is this interesting? “Technology is changing rapidly and the world becomes more interconnected. It is interesting to see how businesses are increasingly influenced by macro-trends such as political dynamics and technological developments. Opportunities for international growth does not only depend on strategic fit between capabilities of the firm and the specific market conditions, but requires to a larger extent incorporation and understanding of factors at the global, regional and national levels.”
  • What are questions clients may struggle with? “Where, when, and how to internationally expand? Do growth opportunities exist, which markets are most attractive, and what is the right timing? An important balance to consider is adaptation to a host environment, while ensuring that the uniqueness and competitive advantage achieved in the home market, can be utilized when expanding abroad.”
  • What does your dream project look like? “Helping companies with new ways to grow – whether it is within new or current markets. Identifying, testing and realizing potential for growth is a motivating journey to be part of and is what drives me. I get inspiration from close dialogue and interaction between the team and client and believe this dynamic to be essential for achieving impactful results.”