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Carl Thelin

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20 November


M: +46 (75) 246 25 45


We talked with Carl about why digitalisation is interesting and how it can change our lives.

  • Carl, what are your thoughts on how digitalisation will change our lives? “The benefits of digitalisation are so much more than efficient organisations offering better products, what is interesting is the life changing aspects that you don’t think of at first glance. Time is the most valuable asset there is, and it is brutally scarce. With digitalisation and automation, people will have more time do things they want, while enjoying the same, or even improved, prosperity. This will have a huge impact on our lives. So even if everything is going faster and faster today, I believe that there is a possibility that in the future, time consuming hobbies currently in decline will rise again. As an example, cricket which is played over five days, might get a renaissance since fans actually will have the time to watch it, and therefore fully enjoy it. This is just an example of a change to our lives that one may not think of and what makes digitalisation, and its effect on our life, such an interesting topic.”
  • And do your clients understand the vastness of the possibilities? “I would say that some of our clients do understand how vast the possibilities are, even if they might not think of it as more time to watch cricket. There is a big difference between a few people grasping it, and an organisation as a whole. Achieving this with an organisation consisting of several different individuals having different backgrounds, degrees, interests etc. is something else. Revolutions always take time and everyone need to be on board, this is the case here as well. It will be a journey for many years to come and even if it has been discussed for several years, we are far away from the end of the road to the digitalised society.”
  • How have we been of service to our clients within this field? “I have an interesting experience working with a public organisation and its strategy for digitalisation, it is a good example of a difficulty we will face for many years to come within this field. I have already discussed the challenge of getting an organisation to move in the same direction. Public organisations offer a wide range of services, leading to organisations with great diversity in human capital. To succeed in delivering the best advice possible in this case, and thus enabling a smooth digital transformation, we really had to focus on understanding the difference in opinions within the organisation. It doesn’t matter if we understand the benefits, the organisation must do it. In the end, even digitalisation is all about the people.”