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Carina Madsen

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20 November


M: +45 28 60 91 36


We talked with Carina about the essential tools for strategy Development.

  • Why is the Strategic Choice Cascade a good tool for developing strategy? “The Strategic Choice Cascade is a structured approach to asking the essential questions to develop a strategy. It allows firms to work with strategy through an iterative process where all elements are contemplated in a cohesive whole. By applying the framework, firms decide how they will win and identify where they need to adjust to achieve the desired outcome. The purpose of using the Strategic Choice Cascade is not only to be a part of the game, but playing to win.”
  • What are some of the central issues clients struggle with when using the Strategic Choice Cascade? “One of the barriers that clients meet is to look beyond their current position, which is one of the key elements of the Strategic Choice Cascade. They struggle to find the aspiration that will truly set them apart from competitors, because their current outlook limits them. For clients, it can be difficult to look past what they are capable of now. This is where we as strategy consultants come in and challenge the client to expand the perception of what is possible and we help the client identify what is needed to accomplish this.”
  • What does your dream project look like? “My dream project is one that genuinely makes a difference for the client. I believe that this is best obtained through close dialogue and collaboration with top management, who has the mandate to make the tough decisions.”