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Bjørn Grenman

Bjørn Grenman

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20 November


M: +47 91 16 17 26

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We met with Bjørn for a discussion about his interest in digitalization and how digital initiatives can help firms grow.

  • Why is digitalization and new ventures in established industries close to your heart? “When we talk about digitalization, most people think of digital in the perspective of consumers and end users.However, what I find – together with my clients – is that the potentials to grow as a firm or improve existing products and services are just as great when we explore digital solutions. I certainly see business benefit from digitalization, especially in the B2B sphere, in a number of different ways; from improving and simplifying own or customer’s work processes, to improved services, growth and increases in market share.”
  • In relation to digitalization, could you elaborate on the struggles our clients face? “Almost everybody have initiated digital initiatives or at least planned it for the near future. The approach is different from company to company. However, what I see almost all clients struggle with is getting up to speed in bringing new products, services or solutions to the market. The main reasons being too much going on at the same time, hence, lack of prioritization, and what I will describe as being stuck in corporate thinking and way of working.”
  • Where and how did you last make an impact to help our clients? “I often find that our clients benefit the most when they actually manage to free the digital development team. Meaning that they are able to adopt a venture and start up mentality and working habits rather than hanging on to traditional corporate way of working. My favourite example, and a very recent one, is a project with a traditional industrial client. We assisted the client in bringing a new digital solution from idea to prototyping and finally test sales with customers in 10-12 week. This is far less than the 18-24 months it would usually have taken them.”