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Bas Van Poorten

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20 November


M: +45 30 93 58 16


We talked to Bas about his views on corporate strategy, and how Monitor Deloitte is helping clients answer their most urgent questions about this topic.

  • What is your take on corporate strategy? “Traditionally, corporate strategy has been concerned with answering the question of how organizations create value. This basic principle still holds, though in today’s dynamic world, it has become essential to identify and develop new capabilities to respond to changing customer demands or competitive threats from where they were least expected. It is expected that around 40% of today’s companies will not survive the coming 10 years, so more than ever strategies should be strategically sound, value generating and resilient”
  • What are some of the questions that clients ask you? “How can we prosper in a dynamic world where technological developments and new business models arise and fundamentally change the way we do business? How can we prevent becoming obsolete? What will the world look like in 20 years? Will there still be need for our products/services? Who will be our customers? How can we optimally anticipate for the future”
  • How do you add value in the strategy process? “By really helping clients with their strategic challenges, build long-lasting relationships and display in-depth knowledge and skills. We don’t so much develop a strategy for the client, but rather with the client. We challenge ourselves and the client to go beyond the traditional way of thinking about strategy and develop a solution that is customized to the specific client’s needs”