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Bahare Haghshenas

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20 November


M: +45 31 31 04 31


We talked to Bahare about her great passion for Sustainability and solving persistent problems.

  • What is a persistent societal problem? “They are societal problems that are highly complex and interlinked issues like poverty, climate changes and inequality. All issues that require multidisciplinary competencies to solve. These problems have a huge impact on how we run our societies, organizations and businesses. Solving these problems requires a whole new mindset, new financial investment strategies and cross-sector partnerships.”
  • What are some of the central questions your clients are struggling with? “The downscale of our welfare systems, puts business and Non-governmental organisation in a new light. Some clients start to realise that they can and SHOULD contribute in solving some of the crucial persistent problems in our societies. Right now the UN Sustainable Development goals (SDGs) are emerging as a global framework for businesses and organisations contribution to society. SDGs demonstrate a unique opportunity to accelerate both growth and societal impact. This is a great opportunity that many clients are looking into and trying to integrate in the way they operate.

    One of the key tools to combat persistent problem is partnership. In 2015 we had the great pleasure to facilitate a process together with 30 businesses and NGO in developing a framework for how to create a transformative partnership to address persistent problems”

  • If you were to highlight a few cases where your team made a real difference in this space, which would it be? “There are two excellent cases to be mentioned here. The first is a project we did in Mjølnerparken, a disadvantaged residential area in Copenhagen, were we brought together residents, professionals and politicians to find new solution to increase financial growth and employment. The other case, a project with Médecin Sans Frontières (MSF) where we supported them in developing a new value proposition on how to improve collaboration and partnerships with businesses to increase their impact on the ground.”