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Adam Norsker

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20 November


M: +45 21 21 99 19


We have spoken with Adam about his recent work with international private equity firms and corporate investors, and the common denominators he sees across projects.

  • So, what is going on with private equity and corporate investors? “Well, first, there is a high level of activity helping our clients get a clear view of the business opportunities and risks of their investment targets. Second, there is a lot of activity out there and many bidders – especially for smaller investment targets. There is as high pressure on our clients, as ever, to be confi-dent in their investment case – and for any participating banks.”
  • What are some of the questions they are struggling most with when investing? “Interestingly, nearly all of the cases we have worked with are primarily growth cases. This means, that the investment case is built on the possibility of continued or increased growth in the future. In order to es-tablish this, we spend a great deal of time understanding their current competitive position and company foundation with market opportunities. In addition, we are uncovering whether key risks in the investment are likely to challenge future Growth.”
  • Has your work made an impact for your clients? “Yes absolutely. The three latest cases we have assisted in have actually all resulted in successful acqui-sitions. Two of them have been for foreign investors investing in Nordic companies, while the last one has been for a Danish private equity firm. While there is usually a high likelihood of a sale going through, we are still super excited on behalf of our clients. In turn, it has also created a lot of positive energy with-in the entire Monitor team and with the consultants and analysts on the Projects.”
  • Why is that important? “We have been fortunate to onboard quite a few new consultants over the past year, and it has been a pleasure to be able to train them on these types of projects. It is a huge value proposition for newly on-boarded consultants to work on foundational strategy analysis, which is part of any commercial due dili-gence. It is hard work, but fun and developing. This makes them ready for much of the other growth and innovation projects, which are also taking place.”