24 Jul 2017 Promotions

Our biggest group yet

Just before the summer, we had the honor of promoting 10(!) extraordinary and high-performing Monitor Deloitte consultants. They have gone above and beyond to deliver true value on our client engagements, been actively involved in the continued development of our practice, as well as led and coached our other team members.

Please join us in congratulating:

Salli Hukkinen – for her promotion to senior consultant – Salli has made a big impact since joining the Copenhagen office in 2016. She consistently demonstrates an ability to deliver on a variety of projects across multiple industries, all with an unshakably positive attitude.

Sidsel Halben-Feld – for her promotion to senior consultant – Sidsel has recently completed projects for Denmark’s Ministry of Finance, along with a large optimization project for the Danish public sector. She is also one of the founding members of Monitor Deloitte’s Data Drive Community, and drives the use of Tableau and Alteryx in our projects.

Josefine Jørgensen – for her promotion to senior consultant – Josefine constantly delivers high-quality work to our clients while working behind the scenes to build a strong Monitor Deloitte community at the office. She is always someone you can count on to get the job done with a smile on her face.

Daniel Schmidt – for his promotion to senior consultant – Daniel’s calm demeanor and deep knowledge of strategic issues and scenario planning make him a formidable ally to our clients.

Jonas Dahlgaard Hansen – for his promotion to manager – Jonas has driven multiple projects in Denmark and abroad with remarkable results. On top of that, Jonas has been taken remarkably good care of his team and kept the spirit high throughout projects.

Tine Skøtt Christensen – for her promotion to manager –  Tine is a founding member of our Data Driven Community and promotes the use of Tableau and Alteryx in a variety of Monitor Deloitte projects. She has employed her data analysis background on both strategy and budget analysis projects.

Pernille Sørensen – for her promotion to manager – Pernille always works hard to make things happen and shows outstanding stakeholder management skills. Pernille takes great part in creating the internal Monitor Deloitte community and always has time to help other team members. Pernille embodies the essence of Monitor Deloitte.

Ole Højlund Olesen – for his promotion to senior manager – Ole plays a large role in the creation of project offers as well as project leadership. He has successfully managed and delivered some of the largest and most prestigious projects for the Danish Ministry of Finance, and he is an integral part of Monitor Deloitte’s public sector team.

Andreas Kryger Jensen – for his promotion to senior manager – Andreas helps clients in the Danish public sector understand and use behavioral economics and “nudging” to create more effective policy. One of his recent project successes was with the Danish Ministry of the Environment.

Adam Norsker – for his promotion to partner – Adam’s promotion to Partner reflects his successes in delivering the highest quality to, and building meaningful relationships with, our clients. Adam focuses on high-level strategic issues and M&A work in multiple industries.

Please join us in congratulating our newly promoted team members.

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