14 Jun Raising the bar: Monitor promotions

Raise a glass to the new Seniors

Last week five of Monitors most extraordinary and hard-working consultants were promoted! Each of them have contributed with active involvement in business development and driving new businesses, running and delivering world class differentiating engagements, participation in development of our practice and finally leading and coaching our other team members.

Please join us in congratulating:

Joachim Fürst for his promotion to Senior Manager – Joachim always go above and beyond in leading very challenging projects and also stringently managing his seniors! Joachim truly understands how to put a smile on his co-workers face; all the while, he creates value for our clients.

Louise Delfs for her promotion to Senior Manager – Louise always provides stellar work, which is encapsulated in the outstanding feedback our clients give to Louise and the work she delivers. Louise is truly a Monitor; dedicated, likable and a fantastic co-worker.

..they are not just setting the bar, they are raising it..

Charlotte Elgaardfor her promotion to Senior Consultant – Charlotte always bring a contagious smile and positive energy and her robust way of managing clients in the storm is incomparable. Not only does Charlotte create good vibes around in the office and with clients, she is also the co-author of one of the most interesting Monitor Deloitte though pieces which you can read right here.

Stefan Høngaard – for his promotion to Senior Consultant – Stefan has been a solid set of hands with remarkable Monitor level analytical skills on a variety of projects. And his passion for drone piloting skills almost always releases positive energy in the office!

Henry Piaskowskifor his promotion to Senior Consultant – Henry has endured several commercial due diligences and has proactively been seeking to go the extra miles, both on projects, for his colleagues and to develop internal processes.

All of them are not just setting the bar, they are raising it! Always. True. Monitor Spirit.

Please help us congratulating these fantastic people, colleagues and Monitor consultants.

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